Meadow Garden

This client near tightly trimmed turf of Augusta National, wanted a wild meadow. Years later, I get calls saying how cool it is. Tony Carr, an artist from North Augusta, designed and made the copper screen sculpture blocks a view of a close house.

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Sand Dune Meadow; A Plea for Stewardship in Gardening

Our beautiful barrier islands have been landscaped beyond recognition. Typical “landscapes” seem designed to demonstrate that people can dominate nature. We can. We do. For a moment in time. But in making and keeping up typical landscapes, we’re doing harm to the life on the islands, in the soil and in the water. We can…

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Plants for Deep South Meadows

You know those meadows that you see in magazines?  The ones that beckon pick-nickers with knee high whispering grasses and painterly masses of wildflowers?  The kind of meadow you might skip through, roll in, take off your shirt and nap with your dog in? In the Deep South, we only have those in calendars and…

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Pineapple Lily; A Thoroughly Modern Bulb with a Quirky History

GARDEN STYLES It’s the easiest of summer bulbs to fit into any landscape or garden. Pineapple lilies grow readily, make great cut flowers and you can propagate them yourself from leaf cuttings. Alone or featured in a pot, it’s modern and architectural. A long row of burgundy leaves against a stark white wall fits into…

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Native Winged Loosetrife

A favorite little perennial with thousands of lavender flowers in the heat of August, September, and into October.

Native loosestrife grows in the Carolinas and into the mid-West.  It’s a great meadow plant, a weaver that runs and makes an open stand of erect, 18-inch flowers. That habit allows other plants such as crinum, day lily, grasses, and such to come up in it.

It loves a sort of moist spot, in fact, it will thrive in a bog.  It will do ok in normal, heavy soil. And it will survive periods of dry, but it really is best in a wet place.   Fun sun is best.

Loosetrife catches a breeze, it moves and adds life to a hot garden.  And pollinators of all kinds flock to it!

Plant now and it’ll look great through November,then come back every year.

We ship two plants per order.

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Parking Garden Main St. Columbia

We created a modern version of wild sandhills meadows in a green space in what had been a parking lot since 1920. Using perfectly adapted plants and all low impact techniques; no irrigation system, no soil amendments, no synthetic chemicals a barren back door became a welcoming parking garden. Here’s a link to blog on…

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