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Beautiful Bare Bulbs Divided for Next Summer

September Sekki

What’s a sekki ? It’s a micro-season in short.  Or a moment that reminds you that the constant fluctuations of the natural world are really part of a bigger cycle.  It’s a Japanese concept; a calendar of annual occurrences imbued with emotions.  First frost. Last day of summer. The peak of peach season.  Sekki moments,… Read More

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Georgia PPA Slides & Plant List

Classic Perennial Gardens 1. Columbia Eryngium pandanifolium – evergreen, soft yucca like Scilla peruviana – cobalt blue flowers, spring bulb Yucca rostrata & orange Crocosmia Verbascum ‘Southern Charm’  Spring white, pastel spires. Crinum ‘Peachblow’ Styrax japonicus  Small tree, tons of white or pink bells in spring. Cordyline australis  (Cabbage Tree) Nicotiana mutabilis 2.North Augusta Salvia… Read More

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I picked a few Passiflora lutea stems and laid them on the water surface.

Tiny Passion for Passiflora lutea

Tiny lime green flowers on this slender, summer growing perennial vine make me smile. Sure it’s kind of weedy. It scrambles over shrubs and comes everywhere around here. But it’s a lovely olive green leaf with silver mottling.  And it has a strong root system.  I don’t know how you’d get rid of it if… Read More

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Snow Drop

The Earliest of Flower Gardens

There’s a patch of paper whites and snow drops in our pasture that’s older than I am. Just behind the little shed that’s been pony shed, goat shed and now donkey shed. Those are the kinds of bulbs I want in my gardens. From a practical stand point, because they come back, they thrive and… Read More

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The broom on the left is a cheap dollar general broom. The Lion's Club broom made from better straw is  much more effective at it's job!

Things Still Made From Plants…

Not so long ago plants were our tool cabinet, medicine cabinet, pantry, clothing and art. Industry slowly changed that. And today ladies tell me about making dolls from holly hock flowers. And a few of my buddies remember using magnolia cones to play war — those cones are perfect grenades. You might make a cocktail… Read More

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Crinum bulbispermum 'Aurora Glorialis'

The Orange River Lily…

Isn’t orange.  The name comes from the Orange River, the longest river in South Africa. This species of Crinum grows along it’s banks. Like most wild things, each one is different. We grow big flowering strains as well as our own selection, ‘Aurora Glorialis’ which opens green, fades to lite pink and then to rich… Read More

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