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Garden Visiting in the Upstate of South Carolina

After a few intense weeks with hands in the dirt, focused on getting new crinum planted and on getting lots of fall leaf crop and spring flower seeds in the ground, I took a little road trip up to the red hills, around Rock Hill, Great Falls, Jenkinsville and Charlotte. Here are 20 pics from… Read More

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Florence Bench & Bus Stop

Andy Adams, Jenn Summers and I get to make a 60 foot long, question mark shaped, poured concrete bench.  It’s a project in honor of Mrs. Nancy Bratton, whom I’m told was a great gardener and a generous soul.  We’re ask to  include some impressions of plants in the vertical surface of the bench.  Some… Read More

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Little Plantlets: Just Like Their Mother

Pink Heliconia is parthenogenic. That means it makes little plantlets on the dying flower. Daylilies and other plants do it too. All are exactly the same as their mother.  You can take those off and put them in nursery pots.  On the day will picked the pink ginger plantlets, my friend Gillaine gave them away… Read More

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Deep Rooted in a Tiny New Orleans Garden

It’s probably true for something you do in your life, some hobby or task:  little things, intricate things take more time to plan and are harder to get right than big things. In planning little gardens, every piece has to fit perfectly.   Nature’s complexity is less forgiving and more visible in miniature.  A plant that… Read More

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High & Low; What Are the Components of a Joyful Garden Scene?

We made a giant seesaw in front of the chicken pen; the three neighbor children and I.  From under the barn and in junk piles, we gathered stuff like a quarter of a creosote power pole, galvanized pipes and boards.  That took weeks; it wasn’t a very focused effort.  As we found one part, we’d… Read More

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A Frank Conversation About Sustainability

If you still question whether people can change the earth and climate, then become a gardener.   You’ll find out how quickly you can screw up a living system and how long it takes to put it back right.    I love any book that stimulates me to think and write and question.   I love this… Read More

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Morning Break? Is Re-shooting Photos a Break?

For a number of days of the last ten, I’ve been sequestered inside.   Re writing.   The editor at Timber Press sent back my manuscript for a final edit.   Well, 32 pages and about 40 hours of edits.  Done.   Great edits.  He said, ‘I’m trying to help you say what you want to say, more clearly.’   … Read More

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