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Garden Visiting in the Upstate of South Carolina

After a few intense weeks with hands in the dirt, focused on getting new crinum planted and on getting lots of fall leaf crop and spring flower seeds in the ground, I took a little road trip up to the red hills, around Rock Hill, Great Falls, Jenkinsville and Charlotte. Here are 20 pics from… Read More

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Larkspur & the Old Chicken House (now packing shed)

5 Favorite Flowers to Seed-In Now for Spring Flowers

As with fall leaf veggies, seeding in spring annuals, now, gives you green ground cover and texture over winter; then flowers come in the spring time.  There’s just no better value; in Deep Rooted Wisdom, I tell the story of a mentor who bought a pack of red poppy seeds in 1959 and still has… Read More

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Curly Parsley in the fall

5 Favorite Salad Greens to Seed-In for Fall

Easy-to-germinate cool season leaf crops yield beauty as well as nutrients.  There may be lots of choices in seed catalogs, but over decades of gardening, I’ve weeded out the the ones that take too much work.  With these easy fall and winter greens,  scatter the seeds then make sure the little seedlings stay moist. Then… Read More

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Florence Bench & Bus Stop

Andy Adams, Jenn Summers and I get to make a 60 foot long, question mark shaped, poured concrete bench.  It’s a project in honor of Mrs. Nancy Bratton, whom I’m told was a great gardener and a generous soul.  We’re ask to  include some impressions of plants in the vertical surface of the bench.  Some… Read More

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Hedge after 6 years of growth.

Old Skills Make a Really Thick Hedge

Hedges can be just privacy screens.  But they often have big gaps.  Trained properly, they can be thick; thick enough to be more than a visual barrier.  In old days (and in other countries today), hedges are living fences so they must be impenetrable thickets. Even though we’re not trying to keep the cows in… Read More

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Just a Few Pics from the Day

[Not a valid template] Some days, I’m just too tired to write.  The morning started with driving, helping out the tree crew who’s working on the tree/hedge line of the pasture and getting fruit trees set up for a fire sale this weekend.  Isaac made that look spiffy while Knox bush-hogged. Fire wood cutting, bulb… Read More

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Tom and I spent an amazing 24 hours with an old friend, John Fairey, outside of Houston.   John’s been there, gardening in the same place since the early 70s, but he says he’s still a South Carolinian. He named his garden after the fictional Beauregard Plantation in Auntie Mame  (or if he needs a sweeter… Read More

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How to Propagate Bamboo from Cuttings

How many things can you use bamboo for?  If you live on a farm, eat Chinese food, walk on alternative floors, wear eco-friendly fabrics, then you know the list never ends. I know a bunch of native-plant-nazis are going to call me out on it, but in my new book, I promote proper bamboo planting…. Read More

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