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Archive | Deep-Rooted Wisdom: Stories and Skills from Generations of Gardeners

When Modern Landscaping Practices Kill Perfectly Good Plants

I spent the day pulling up thousands of dollars worth of tea olive and other shrubs, then filling a 33 foot long dumpster with them.  15 feet wide and 250 feet long, the shrub border that failed was planted 5 years ago, with really nice plants, by someone else.  It’s a shame, it makes me… Read More

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Serial Internships & Old Dorm Stories

You know how they have classes for college freshmen intended to weed out the slackers? Well, back then, I was a self weeder.  After an academically embarrassing freshman year, I left Clemson to do an internship with the Greenery on Hilton Head Island; spraying all the chemicals it takes to keep that fantasy world green…. Read More

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Fall Garden Visiting Slide Show

November has been a busy time with garden visiting and talking and trading plants and such.  Here’s a little slide show of a few of the gardens we’ve visited.   We’re still dividing plants, no it’s not too cold.  But next week is sharing time again;   on Monday, Bob Polomski & Jenks talk about Deep Rooted… Read More

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Bare Root Pecan

Thanks for Planting Pecan Trees

Dusk and a light rain.  I’m on Sunday rounds, checking out weekend work; what got planted, moved, nailed, or tuned-up over the weekend of work.  Someone left a beer in the cooler; still cold enough so I’ll sit and observe from a chair and indulge in a breakfast porter. Under my feet, protein. Tasty protein… Read More

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