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Just a Few Pics from the Day

[Not a valid template] Some days, I’m just too tired to write.  The morning started with driving, helping out the tree crew who’s working on the tree/hedge line of the pasture and getting fruit trees set up for a fire sale this weekend.  Isaac made that look spiffy while Knox bush-hogged. Fire wood cutting, bulb… Read More

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“Opportunity is Like a Lovely Lady”

Quoted from Hellen Keller’s address to the Lions Clubs.  At the cool museum that is her birthplace you’ll see some nice gardens one of which was designed by a new friend. Phillip Oliver lives nearby. I didn’t know Philip but when I tweeted recently, “who can help me have some fun in northern Mississippi?”  He… Read More

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South Carolina Safari — Walterboro, SC

Here’s a great little road trip y’all can join in on– it includes romance, food, car culture, farming, blackwater swamps and book stores.   Thursday evening, I’m doing a book reading (ok, sometimes it comes off as save-the-earth-preaching) at the Walterboro Farmer’s Market/Colleton County Museum.  (click for time/directions). For Columbia, Beaufort, Charleston, Savannah friends, make an… Read More

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Time or Money

Years ago, Dr. J.C. Raulston did a presentation for me at Riverbanks Botanical Garden which he called Time or Money. It was about how in gardening some people think the later can substitute for the former. He showed that you can plant little plants and take care of them and wait or plant big plants… Read More

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When Modern Landscaping Practices Kill Perfectly Good Plants

I spent the day pulling up thousands of dollars worth of tea olive and other shrubs, then filling a 33 foot long dumpster with them.  15 feet wide and 250 feet long, the shrub border that failed was planted 5 years ago, with really nice plants, by someone else.  It’s a shame, it makes me… Read More

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Fall Garden Visiting Slide Show

November has been a busy time with garden visiting and talking and trading plants and such.  Here’s a little slide show of a few of the gardens we’ve visited.   We’re still dividing plants, no it’s not too cold.  But next week is sharing time again;   on Monday, Bob Polomski & Jenks talk about Deep Rooted… Read More

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