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Serial Internships & Old Dorm Stories

You know how they have classes for college freshmen intended to weed out the slackers? Well, back then, I was a self weeder.  After an academically embarrassing freshman year, I left Clemson to do an internship with the Greenery on Hilton Head Island; spraying all the chemicals it takes to keep that fantasy world green…. Read More

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Fall Garden Visiting Slide Show

November has been a busy time with garden visiting and talking and trading plants and such.  Here’s a little slide show of a few of the gardens we’ve visited.   We’re still dividing plants, no it’s not too cold.  But next week is sharing time again;   on Monday, Bob Polomski & Jenks talk about Deep Rooted… Read More

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People Who Show Us The World

In 1938 Buzzy’s second grade teacher made his class listen to Wagner and walk through gardens of neighborhood ladies and gentlemen.   Some of the boys sneered.  Buzzy, always sensitive , pretty much shocked me when he said, “Once or twice, on the playground, I found the boys who laughed and interrupted and  I, (he whispers… Read More

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Great Dixter Was the Bait

The lectures by Great Dixter gardener were colorful and almost sales-force energetic but the real fun of Grower Great Gardeners symposium was the concentration of cool people.  My two favorite conversations of the day are below. For all the successes of this fundraiser  (for Spartanburg Community College in SC and Great Dixter Garden in southern… Read More

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Deep Rooted in a Tiny New Orleans Garden

It’s probably true for something you do in your life, some hobby or task:  little things, intricate things take more time to plan and are harder to get right than big things. In planning little gardens, every piece has to fit perfectly.   Nature’s complexity is less forgiving and more visible in miniature.  A plant that… Read More

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High & Low; What Are the Components of a Joyful Garden Scene?

We made a giant seesaw in front of the chicken pen; the three neighbor children and I.  From under the barn and in junk piles, we gathered stuff like a quarter of a creosote power pole, galvanized pipes and boards.  That took weeks; it wasn’t a very focused effort.  As we found one part, we’d… Read More

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