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More Than Useful Plants of the Cherokee

I spent all day yesterday in a symposium on Cherokee and the landscape.  12,000 years of history — each speaker with a focus on how Cherokee used, manipulated, cultivated and unintentionally impacted soil, water, terrain, and particularly plants. Alfie Vick, from University of Georgia and Karen Hall from Clemson were the most plant based of… Read More

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In the 70's, Gravel Hill was in this state of disrepair. I remember visiting great grandmother and aunts as well as family reunions in the magic of the decay.

“Wastage of soil…a menace to the national welfare”

My great grandfather lived in this house called Gravel Hill. He bought this failed plantation about 1890. It never really thrived, limping along as they took in boarders and sold off land till the ’70s. They grew cotton that pulls tons of minerals from the soil. After years of cotton growing, even if you fertilize… Read More

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What’s the difference between Preservation & Conservation (on a Mountain Reservation)

Tom and I had the pleasure of going to this amazing, formerly private estate that’s been set up as a botanical garden.  Elegant. Sublime.   Designed with the spirit of the place.  Fit into nature, Southern Highland Reserve is open once a month but you could see it on Nov. 12 for their very cool sounding… Read More

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Thanks for Planting Pecan Trees

On this chilly, foggy Sunday morning, I’m making rounds, checking out what the fellows got planted, how many pounds of nuts got cleaned and making a mental list for Monday morning.  Those working guys leave clothes everywhere this time of year; a hoodie over the fence and a flannel shirt pegged to a tree trunk…. Read More

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