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Jenks with a freshly dug, ready to ship crinum bulb.

Why I Decided to Self-Publish

‘Funky Little Flower Farm’ stories include memories like my coming out, of being with my father on his deathbed and Momma’s memories of her grandparents. I want to share them, but I want control over how they get published now and forever. When I struck a book deal with a publisher for my first book,… Read More

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The last Crinum of the summer.

What’s Better Than Egg Souffle in Marrakesh? Mexicans at Waffle House and the Last Flowers of Frost

Gardening puts me in the middle of two very different groups of people: those with lots of cash who pepper their conversation with French and those with lots of bills, who speak Spanglish while we work.  A late afternoon call from a client of the first group, then a text from worker of the second… Read More

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