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Hedge after 6 years of growth.

Old Skills Make a Really Thick Hedge

Hedges can be just privacy screens.  But they often have big gaps.  Trained properly, they can be thick; thick enough to be more than a visual barrier.  In old days (and in other countries today), hedges are living fences so they must be impenetrable thickets. Even though we’re not trying to keep the cows in… Read More

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They’re Like Southerners but with Funny Accents

We’ve been on some pretty exciting trips this summer.  A flight to do a reading at the famed Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia included staying in a house that was recently featured in the New York Times. The road trip to lecture at the U.S. Botanical Garden ended with a tour of some extraordinary private gardens… Read More

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Cover Up for Cheesy 70’s Brick Wall

When we started, being in the courtyard was like being on the bottom of a swimming pool– with dated sort of blond red bricks and no ladders to allow you to get out. We decided to make a wall of weeping plants– just a few.  The garden above is so diverse, we wanted to wall… Read More

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Time or Money

Years ago, Dr. J.C. Raulston did a presentation for me at Riverbanks Botanical Garden which he called Time or Money. It was about how in gardening some people think the later can substitute for the former. He showed that you can plant little plants and take care of them and wait or plant big plants… Read More

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When Modern Landscaping Practices Kill Perfectly Good Plants

I spent the day pulling up thousands of dollars worth of tea olive and other shrubs, then filling a 33 foot long dumpster with them.  15 feet wide and 250 feet long, the shrub border that failed was planted 5 years ago, with really nice plants, by someone else.  It’s a shame, it makes me… Read More

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