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Garden Design Portfolio

New entry plantings feature native and heirloom plants in a naturalistic but groomed style. Airy Switch Grass, pollinator-attracting American Heliotrope, and pass-along Milk and Wine Lilies intermingle in the center beds. South Carolina state flower, Carolina Jessamine will cloak a living fence. All plants thrive with minimal irrigation, organic fertilizers and no synthetic pesticides. We'll celebrate the subtle beauty and the transition that plants make through seasons in the Sandhills that our Capital City is built on. (Photos are from similar projects)

A small tree had ruined the rock work and made the paito dark and cave like. We did a simple, classic design. Dimig Digs used to old rock with new concrete for modern, clean 'floor'.

This normal looking swimming pool is surrounded by tidy water gardens which filter and clean the pool water.

Intensely gardened naturalist and historical planting around massive tidal pool. We worked with conceptual and planting design in collaboration with park horticulturist.

Honor the marsh and the creatures in it. Add some great plants, a fire pit and paths to get from house to pool. That's all. Garden and marsh.

This historical garden is under an easement. We could update plants but not change the overall design. The owner committed to all organic methods, lots of food plants and sourcing all plants grown completely without neo-nicatinoids.

A magical, woodsy garden designed for self directed play. It's also a place for grandparents to indulge their interest in stumperies and bog gardens

Comprised of a central garden, a few connecting backyards, is shared and love by the families who live on the perimeter.

This client near tightly trimmed turf of Augusta National, wanted a wild meadow. Years later, I get calls saying how cool it is. Tony Carr, an artist from North Augusta, designed and made the copper screen sculpture blocks a view of a close house.

City plantings define a feel and capture the spirit of a place. Unique, tough and well adapted plants add diversity to street tree plantings & small parks in this small southern town.

1830's Farm

Master plan for an old farmstead which is now intended to be used for rentals and music festivals.

Historic district garden but client didn't want a recreation. A jewel box of a garden featuring cool plants that love this tropical-like climate.

One of the Seven Sisters cottages in the garden district. With a long narrow garden and a veggie garden.

We created a modern version of wild sandhills meadows in a green space in what had been a parking lot since 1920. Using perfectly adapted plants and all low impact techniques; no irrigation system, no soil amendments, no synthetic chemicals a barren back door became a welcoming parking garden. Here’s a link to blog on the plants we used in this plant-stressful site.

Owner installed a gym & coffee bar inside and wanted the landscape to be just as cool. "I want employees to know they're in a special place, to be proud of their work, from the moment they pull in the parking lots." We designed and constructed custom benches and add other very modern elements including a grove of tortoise shell bamboo.

A barren hillside was inaccessible from the tiny patio. We helped transform the place and cloak it in spectacular plants.

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

Jenks was the first curator of this garden; hired the crew, did the plantings and kept the garden for 10 years. Almost a million people a year visit this garden. The collections we established in the 1990’s have been enhanced and built on by a talented team of horticulturists. You can see tons of photo on line but this in this one, you can see early soil prep and plantings.

This started as an elaborate, 3-acre flower garden. We set the vision, did them master plan, established new staff and managed the transformation to what is now over 300 acres of botanical garden. Also managed construction of lakes, greenhouse, conference center, roads and bridges.

Designed and managed the transformation from an overgrown homeless person hang-out to one of the most desired wedding venues in downtown Columbia. Jenks and Tom designed and managed this project as volunteers.

Extensive master plan. Included educational component in that all plants selected have conceptual ties to items in the museum art and science collection.

Designed plan, plants and worked with ceramic artist to install this garden in which the overriding concept is water flowing in rivers.

Planted with completely deer proof plants, this garden features our signature rusty colored poured concrete.

Goals of the campus plan included student use as well as tourist needs.

300 foot long, 18 foot wide shrub border featuring plants of interest during the cool months; this is a winter residence.

This garden was renowned at the turn of the century. We spent almost a year working on an updated design. Based on existing structure, we add features to interest children as well as fascinating shade plants to demonstrate the possibilities of gardening under live oaks.

Master plan for long term development. We designed the stone structures and worked with stone artist to complete them. We included in plantings, plants and areas that inspire discovery.