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Organically Grown, Big Bulbs from Our South Carolina Fields: Beating the Crinum Conundrum

Jenks noticed years ago that the crinum world was really like a big club. Most crinums for sale come from backyard nurseries and hobby plots. What’s more, this will most likely always be the case in the future. Crinum plants tend to be too slow, too lanky, and too weird for giant nurseries to efficiently grow for resale.

In the past, that meant gardeners had a difficult time finding what they wanted. They found it was no small task to get to the crinum growers and get a good, healthy, properly named bulb. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it could even border on being an excruciating process.

One of our new customers from Rome, Georgia, called us one day to say she had tried to buy from a crinum dealer in California who interviewed her for one hour and twenty minutes, by cell phone, before deciding if he would sell to her. Crinum people are definitely passionate about their bulbs!

Everyone in our Jenks Farmer, Planstman family decided to change all that. We wanted to become crinum missionaries offering crinums for the masses!


Our farm was set up 12 years ago to make crinum shopping easy, reliable, and consistent. We offer homegrown, tried-and-true, healthy crinums. We offer only the most reliable, garden-worthy selections. We try lots of new varieties in our garden, and then we propagate only the best for the southern region of the US.

When you order a crinum from us, you get:

  • A healthy bulb,
  • A bulb that has a circumference of at least eight inches (note, however, that some species never get that big.),
  • A bulb that has been washed and dipped in a light bleach bath, then dried (This kills soil-born pathogens),
  • A bulb that is properly named and marked so you can easily identify it,
  • A package that is packed and tied by hand, in corrugated paper and standard sized boxes,
  • A package of bulbs which is packed then shipped immediately, and
  • Our phone numbers and email for quick response to any questions you may have.

Here’s one more very important thing you’ll get when you order your crinums from us: Assurance that the bulbs you get have been grown organically in South Carolina and have been tended to by our family – people who know and love crinums.