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Jenks Farmer, Plantsman is the name of our company.

Jenks (right) and Tom (2cd from right) own the company. Our family includes relatives, interns, volunteers, part-timers and friends.

Jenks (right) and Tom (2nd from right) own the company. Our family includes relatives, interns, volunteers, part-timers and friends.

Over the years, Jenks has developed a vibrant cottage industry – a family of support made up of avid gardeners, like you – amateur and professional alike.

The real heart of the Jenks Farmer, Plantsman company is our organically managed, 18th century farm. This is a special place, a plant connoisseur’s nursery. It is where we grow, explore and sell the really big bulbs of the amaryllis family – crinums –  that we’re famous for. Our customers are guaranteed proven varieties that are correctly named and grown healthy in our fields. While it’s true that horticulturists and botanical gardens throughout the country seek us out for our lily bulbs, we take pride in being able to offer our high-quality bulbs to any gardener.

We also offer our clients garden design. Jenks has designed botanical gardens, small farms, public urban gardens, as well as private gardens, large and small. Some of his master plans can be enjoyed at Riverbanks Botanical Garden in Columbia, South Carolina; Moore Farms Botanical Gardens, South Carolina; The Hampton Preston Mansion in Columbia, South Carolina; and the Florence Museum in Florence, South Carolina.

Jenks Farmer, Plantsman has also provided campus garden designs for clients ranging in size and diversity, including Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, the Fritz LaFontant Learning Center agricultural college in Corporant, Haiti, and Cange, a small Haitian farm community.

Our garden designs, whether they’re tiny urban parking lot gardens, equestrian estates, or suburban backyards, all carry Jenks Farmer, Plantsman’s unique signature, style, and flair.

We have a whole crew of dedicated and passionate people who come together to help Jenks in his work and that makes our company a thriving cottage industry and more – a family of support for you and your gardening.

Everyone here at the Jenks Farmer, Plantsman company is passionate to educate the people about sustainable gardening and crinum lilies, so we also write publications and engage in public talks about these subjects that are close to our hearts. How exactly do we do this? We travel to present at symposia, university classes, and even give environmental ethics presentations all over the country. We’ve joined groups as diverse as The Smithsonian Institute, Wave Hill Gardens, the Antique Rose Emporium, and the Allendale Ladies Afternoon Social Club and the famed Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. Our gardening know-how is shared in books, booklets, and magazines like Carolina GardenerFine Gardening, Organic Gardening, Horticulture, American Nurseryman and Roots scientific journal of Botanical Garden Conservation International.

You can find our publications in our online store, which you can access in the navigation bar above. If you’re interested in inviting Jenks to speak in your town or for your organization or if you’re interested in our garden-design services, just click on the “Contact Us” button above and send us an email to let us know.

Also from time-to-time throughout the year we open our farm to others to explore and learn. These events are by invitation only. You just have to join our mailing list to receive our invitations. You can do this simply by filling out “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” on the right side of this page.