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Hampton Preston Garden 2015. Hampton Preston Garden 2015.
Hampton Preston Garden 2015. In the 50's, most of the garden was sold and developed. Note Hampton Preston house in the middle of this picture.
Hampton Preston Garden 2015. Hampton Preston garden with topiary red cedar.

Hampton Preston Gardens

Acclaimed Antebellum gardens of the family of General Wade Hampton.  Gardens were destroyed in the 1950’s.   We’ve been working on restoration, re invention and replanting.  Though this is a long term planting, in April of 2015, the gardens should be full of flowers.

These pics show the garden in 1830’s, 1950’s and after some recent renovation work in Nov. 2014

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Our focus has been designing perennial beds for sun & shade, garden gazebo and water hand pump & runnel and whimsy for the children’s area.

An article about this project is in the Southern Garden History Society Newsletter.  And a photo of this house and garden is featured in Chicago Tribune 2015.