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Arranging a Presentation

What people are saying:

  •  “You really impressed the ladies–10 new garden club members after your talk!”       Kathy on Skidaway Island, GA

  • “You are an excellent presenter and a true plantsman. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm with us.  I feel like  I made a friend! ”  Wendy, Florida Master Gardeners

  • “Great stories, compelling reminders of our duty to care for the earth and a totally fun, hands-on workshop.”   Panayoti Kelaidis,  Denver Botanical Garden

  • “Jenks’ presentation was very polished and informative, you can tell he’s comfortable with public speaking. For me, discovering that mustard plants can substantially reduce your soil’s nematode population was a huge takeaway!”  — Disney’s Food Blogger

Jenks Farmer, Plantsman and Author,
presentation on Fresh Epcot Stage March 7, 2015


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