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Gardening with Crinum Lilies, Issue II


The second issue of our publication Gardening with Crinum Lilies is beautiful and is a pleasure to hold and read. It is compiled by a team of South Carolina craftsmen: the graphics and layout were done by Marc Cardwell, printing by Professional Printers of South Carolina, and the writing by Jenks Farmer. It was published in November, 2013.


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Building on the first issue of our publication, Gardening with Crinum Lilies, you’ll get never-before-published information about:

  1. People who grow crinum lilies in really cold places;
  2. The sequence of flowers from April through November (and how to choose a lily to flower on a certain date);
  3. New hybrids for modern gardens; and
  4. Jenks’s warm stories, accompanied by over 30 stunning photos.

Our series is put together with a team of people who’ve worked together for years. Marc lovingly laid it out and worked on the graphics; Tom added comments on cultivation; and Bob, Gloria, and Jamie edited. We even used a local printer and nice, quality paper. It’s important to us to keep our friends and local craftsmen working.

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