Arrowhead Plant ‘Gold Allusion’


A cool new version of an old easy-care house plant, our Gold Allusion comes with a 6-inch glossy pot made from recycled rice hulls.

Just unpack, pot up and put in on your fall patio table.   Or send this as a perfect gift for your apartment and condo dwelling friends.  Arrowhead plant makes a great house plant.

But unlike the varieties of the ’70s, unlike it’s cousin tough-as-nails old pothos, this plant doesn’t make a vine. This is a clumper.  Leaves will tumble over the side of the pot, but not trail and wander.

Gold Allusion has golden leaves with white and deep red veins.

If you are sending this as a gift, please write a short note!  We’ll include that on a handwriten card in the box.  

Optional Note to Gift Recipient

A personalized note delivered to the gift recipient.


 Syngonium podophylum Gold Illusion is a tetraploid hybrid (it has extra chromosomes) with bigger leaves that all grow from the center of the plant.  Most arrowhead plants grow from the tip, leaving an unattractive, open center. 

It’s a great small pot plant that’s easy-care. Inside, it just needs a bright window but not direct sun.  You won’t have to pot this up again for a few years.  

Outside, it’s great on the porch or patio table as a centerpiece.  You can plant it in a hanging basket, the leaves tumble a bit but do not hang down very far. Or in the right warm spot, in zone 8, you can plant it outside and it will return next year. 

In each box:

one 5-inch, plant that we’ve been growing out all summer.  

one 6-inch, glossy, tan ecologically sound rice hull pot that will last for 5 years outside. longer inside. 

one waterproof instruction label

one gift card (if you are sending it as a gift – please note that when you order.)

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in


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