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Mexican Hats Lily


Hundreds of gold flowers on waving stalks 4-feet tall!  October flowers make this the perfect plant to mix with day lilies to extend the season of any perennial bed.  Echiandia is a Texas and Mexican native perennial.

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Growing Conditions: Full sun and dry to normal garden soils. Thrives where other perennials wither away during drought!

Flowers: Golden yellow with hundreds open at once. Flowers wave on top of strong stems, held 4 feet tall or so.

Flowering Season: Flowers from October first until after frost!

Leaves: Leaves look just like a skinny day lily. In fact, this is a great plant to mix with day lilies.

How To Plant: Normal garden soil with some drainage is recommended.

Where To Plant: Plant where you’ll really notice them in fall. Mix with other perennials such as day lily, aster or fall grasses.

Our Bulbs: We ship clumps that have several growing points and have already flowered. So they’ll flower for you next fall.

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