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Asian Veggie 6-Pack for Fall



Our favorite leafy veggies for fall sowing.  We believe all plants should do multiple jobs so these are  beautiful, tasty and nutritious.    You can sow these in a veggie garden, in pots or mix them in with  flower borders. 

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Our Month by Month book of Essay of Gardening in the Deep South

Funky Little Flower Farm

It's about life on a flower farm. It's about life.  In each month, each chapter, Jenks tells stories of life on this old-school farm, firmly situated in a modern world. 

One reader says, "it is  a search for authenticity which our world of shallow truths could use more of. That’s what resonates with me and your stories!"

Written almanac style, there are 2 stories per month.  The first is about work happening on the farm that month --- and the crazy things that run through Jenks' mind while gardening. There are gardening lessons in each work story.  The second is called a sekki moment --- these essays feature one plant whose flowering or fruiting defines the month. Sekki is an ancient Japanese concept of telling time by natural occurrences.  Overarching themes include the transition of an old style farm to a thoroughly modern business, setting priorities for a balanced life and feeling rooted to a place but having a bit of a vagabond's heart.

Funky Little Flower Farm includes over 30 color photos, 100 pages, a plant index and is our first self published book, made with the help of an amazing team of creative people of all specialties.


1 Mizuna Mustard

Like old school mustard greens but with a spiky hair cut.  

Mizuna in January

Ferny  leaves, lime green and fresh looking through all but the coldest winters.

Mizuna looks great in a pot, in  front of dark green shrubs, or with pansies. It’s a clump all winter; then later in the spring, it has tall wands of yellow flowers. We’re seeding it over and behind a bed of purple dutch iris for a spring show.

Nutty, sort of peppery taste that is great fresh (often seen in grocery store salad mix) or quickly sautéd.


2. Purple Mustard

 Giant, quilted leaf variety called ‘Osaka Purple” looks almost  tropical. Beautiful with blue or hot colored flowers.  

Purple Mustard in December.

Spicy in flavor, this one is excellent as a quick stir fry with garlic or cooked as traditional mustard. 

These bigger red mustard can get winter damaged pretty easily, so put them in a warm spot or know you might lose them in January.







3. Arugula ‘Astro’

Arugula in flower in early April.

In fall and winter, arugula may blend into the back ground. But spring brings bouquets of beautiful tasty flowers. Leave the to go to seed and arugula will come back next year too. 

The variety ‘Astro’ is said to be somewhat more mild than others.

Pepper leaves make great salad, baked onto pizza or a quick ‘wilted’ side vegetable.





4. Lettuce ‘Black Seeded Simpson’

Ok, so it’s not really an asian veggie, lettuce originated in the Middle East.  Today we have so many different types, round heads, loose heads, conical heads but the easiest to grow is the very old fashioned loose leaf lettuce. These are meant to be cut young and severed as leaves.

A table top pot of lettuce on Ryan Gainey’s picknick table.

‘Black Seeded Simpson’ was a favorite of my friend and mentor Ryan Gainey.  He used it for winter cover and winter color — it’s a lovely soft chanteuse.

What can I say here?  It taste like lettuce. 







5. Purple Top Turnip

Turnips became a staple of Southern diets because they are incredibly cold tolerant. Even if the tops get damaged in an ice storm or extremely cold winter, the roots stay in the ground.

We use turnips to till the ground.  And we sow turnips everywhere as they off-grass a nematode repelling chemical.  

Delicious as a green.  I love turnip root roasted with carrots and paired with a slightly sweet cream sauce or peanut sauce.






6 Russian Red Kale

Kale germinates easily and grows well in winter but really jumps in spring. Russian Red is an easy to clean and cook flat leaf kale. 

In the garden, pair it with pastel pansies and soft pinks like Tulip Elizabeth Arden.

Kale Russian Red


EACH ORDER CONTAINS: Five individual packets of seed.  Most have about a half teaspoon of seeds.  Enough for occasional eating for 3 people.  But you’ll get an extra scoop of turnips because they are so good for you.  Everybody needs more turnips. 

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