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Gloriosa Lily


A lily that is a vine too! Delicate but tough! Exotic but a old-time pass-along plant!  Gloriosa lily is made of contradictions!

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Flowers: Fascinating and showy, brilliant spider-like flowers with delicate petals!

Flowering Season: Late June.

Leaves: These leaves are slender on climbing stems. Thin and dark green, you hardly realize where the leaves and stems are.

How To Plant: Plant at a depth of two inches. Lay them flat, on their side, horizontal!.

Where To Plant: Full sun and good drainage. Plant them under a  rose bush or near a fence, they need a little support and love climbing in other plants.

Our Bulbs: We ship packs of 4, ready to flower bulbs.

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Dimensions 12 × 3 × 2 in


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