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Hymenocallis maximillianii


Having leaves that reach 30 inches, have a narrow shape, and display an unique, dark-green color, this shoal lily stands out from others. These bulbs grow deep and have a tenacious root system.

This is a very adaptable plant. This guy can grow in water-logged or well-drained soil.

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Growing Conditions: This beautiful lily has bulbs that grow deep and have a tenacious root system, so it thrives in sand. But suprisingly, it loves pond edges and partly shady areas, too.

Flowers: These are delicate-looking and elegant white flowers. 

Flowering Season: This crinum starts to emerge in July and continues to do so through August.

Leaves: These emerald-green leaves look great for four to nine months. Leaf length is 30 inches. The narrow, dark-green leaves distinguish this H. maximillianii from others. The leaves of this plant are definitely one of its assets. They are both thick and good looking all summer long, like a fat grass.

How To Plant: Plant in small groups, three inches apart and at a depth of three to five inches. The bulbs never grow more than four inches or so in width, but they pull themselves deeply into the ground.

Where To Plant: They love to be near a leaking fountain! They thrive in normal garden soil or in completely saturated bog conditions. They’ll grow in full sun and in light shade. This is a very adaptable plant.

Our Bulbs: We ship two flowering-size bulbs together.

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