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Regina’s Disco Lounge


Extremely tolerant of drought.   Big and showy clumps look great  from a distance.  This is our selection found at the Hwy 301 nightclub called Regina’s Disco Lounge!

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Growing Conditions: Keep this one dry!  Thrives in full sun.

Flowers: Upright trumpets on tall stalks up to 4.5 feet.  Flowers white with a pale pink stripe.  This is usually one of our late to flower plants— July and August.  In wet summers or with irrigation, flowers earlier.

Leaves: Tall strapy apple-green leaves.

How To Plant:  Plant 10-16 inches deep.  Make sure it’s not sitting in water or a wet root zone.

Where To Plant: Extremely tolerant of drought, big and showy clumps look great on roadsides and from a distance.   But even works in containers. — it’s dramatic enough to plant right out in the middle of the yard, all by itself.

Our Bulbs: We ship large, ready to flower bulbs.

Named for the  defunct bar in Allendale County, SC, Regina’s Disco Lounge, where I watched this plant growing for years before sending it to various crinum authorities to confirm that it is indeed bigger and showier in all respects than other crinum similar to it (in the Crinum x gowenii group)

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 in

No add-ons +0, Toadflax Seeds + $4, Hook Bill Knife + $20, Gardening with Crinum Lilies, 1 + $5, Gardening with Crinum Lilies, 2 + $6


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