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Monkeyshine Monkey Grass


The more sun it is in, the brighter the golden color!  Makes an awesome year-round, outdoor container plant.  Tough as nails!  An old friend and Director of Bellingraph gardens Dr. Todd Lasseigne named this, passed it on to Ted Stephens along with this story;  Todd says, when he got into mischief, his grandmother would say ‘Quit that Monkeyshine!’  Extremely rare.   We ship well-rooted, 4-inch pots that are ready to move up to a planter, or plant in the ground.

Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Monkeyshine’

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Note that for the most part, the common name Monkey Grass refers to plants in the genus Ophiopogon.  But in common use of backyard gardeners, at least in the south, monkey grass is used interchangeably for various species of Ophipogon and Liriope.

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