Mo’ Pon’


Mo’ Pon’ was discovered in Charleston, SC. We’re not sure of its parentage – but since its features are indeterminate, we’ve named it for the pond where Jenks first planted a beautiful blooming display of this bulb.

It tolerates partial shade and thrives right on the edges of ponds or in normal garden soil.  This crinum makes an elegant, slightly fragrant cut flower.

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Growing Conditions: It tolerates partial shade and thrives right on the edges of ponds.

Flowers: The flowers are shell pink and stand slightly higher than the plant’s narrow leaves. It has very thin petals, but there are plenty of them.

Flowering Season: Flowers start blooming around the Fourth of July.

Leaves: The glossy, narrow leaves are both tidy and elegant. Its compact, thin foliage reaches a height of 30 inches.

How To Plant: Plant Mo’ Pon’ so that the bulb’s neck is slightly exposed with enough room for its extensive root system

Where To Plant: Try planting with hibiscus and clethra for a stunningly colorful display.

Our Bulbs: This is a naturally small-growing bulb, but the bulbs we ship are flowering size.

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