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Mexican Muhly Grass

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It’s like a cloud that you want to dive into!  TWO PLANTS for $28.

Acid green, thread-like leaves  in a fountain shape make this extraordinary southwest native grass one of our long term favorites.    

Completely drought tolerant, sun loving too. A perfect companion plant to crinum lilies or an excellent easy care container plant.  And it’s no a true bamboo that’s just a common name, it doesn’t run at all! 

We’ll ship the first few weeks of April ONLY!  For each order, you’ll receive TWO 18 inch tall plants.

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Description; A dense cloud of acid-green threads arches from khaki colored canes.  Reaching 3 or 4 feet tall and a bit less wide, it’s shaped like fountain.

Growth Habit; Not a real bamboo at all, it stays in a tight clump and never runs.  In zone 7b and warmer this is a true perennial.  In zone 8, we do not cut it back in the winter — in December it looses many leaves but in late March, new leaves sprout out again from the brown stems.

Where to Plant;  Full hot sunshine!  It loves heat, loves to bake and almost never needs any extra water besides rain once established.  Makes an amazing container plant as it looks lush and green even when you forget to water it for a few weeks.

Combination Ideas; Can be a specimen that stands alone.  Or use it as a foil to big leaves such as castor bean.  Use the glowing green to contrast with bright flowers such as purple gomphrena or purple fall asters and mums.

OUR PLANTS:  We ship two quart plants about 18-24 inches tall per order. 

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Dimensions 18 × 5 × 6 in


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