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Native Lance-Leaved Loosestrife


Native from Northeast down to Florida.    

The wine red foliage creeps almost like a small ajuga,  1′-2’ tall.  Leaves make a tight, evergreen ground-cover that is tight enough to keep most weeds out.  It is what folks mean when they use the term green mulch.

In May, the thousands of tiny flowers twinkle bright yellow.  Lots of small bees and pollinators come to the flowers.

It’s not loud, not a show off plant but a charmer. And it’s tough as nails.

Deer don’t eat it!

Grow it in full sun or shade —  even the base of trees or shrubs.  

Plant with Carex or gold Mondo grass.  Or let it be a mat from which trillium or small bulbs emerge.  

We ship 3 plants per order. See photo.

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