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PInk Perfume


For a crinum, it’s small and tidy and would great in mass edging around a pool!   It runs a bit, loves a damp spot.  And makes an amazing fragrant cut flower!

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Handsome arching leaves reach just 3 feet making a mound.   Since it spreads slowly, this makes a perfect edging plant along a driveway or walk.  For a large scale planting like around a pool or such.   Imagine it as a giant sized liriope with flowers!

Flowers pop out of those leaves around the Forth of July.  Slender stems with burgundy cast reach just under 3 feet. From a distance, they seem white but on close inspection or if planted in a little shade, you see the subtle pinks.

 Sure you have to lean over to catch it, but that fragrance is killer.  A mix of old school baby powder and jasmine — this one also makes a great cut flower.

We ship a small bundle of 3-5 bulbs — one golf ball sized others smaller, perfect for creating a clump.  

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Dimensions 18 × 5 × 4 in


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