Salvia ‘Anthony Parker’


A stunning perennial that fills October with rich blue flowers and feeds hundreds of pollinators. Wide, felt gray leaves grow all summer, making a handsome, rounded 3 -4 tall mound. Then in late fall, the flowers absolutely smoother the plant — and best of all they keep right on until hard frost. For us (Zone 8) they flowered into mid-December last year.  This classic was selected and named by talented garden designer Francis Parker.  It’s rarely seen in the trade but is a local favorite.    We ship 4″ pots in mid-May. 

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Easy to grow but difficult to wait on those spectacular azure flowers to unfurl in November!

From our friend and mentor, Francis Parker, this is probably a hybrid of S. leucantha and elegans.  (which explains its late flowers).

All summer, handsome gray leaves, and stems grow into an open mound. This is the perfect plant for creating a sequence of summer flowers.  For example, interplanted with super tall daylilies like Autumn Minaret.  The daylily flowers will emerge in July, through the Salvia foliage.  As they fade over the next month or so, the salvia continues to grow, then flowers in fall. 

Anthony Parker likes full sun to part shade. It will reach out and over other plants, spilling over a border. We really love our planting near a low brick wall that helps hold it up when it’s heavy with flowers.  

Bees and insects love its late flowers too — those tall blue wands bounce and wave as insects come for late fall feedings.

Like many salvias, this one can be short-lived, especially in super-rich, composted soils. Our current plants are 3 years old and will probably be with us a few more years. But just in case, I always root a few in water or sand to have a babe on standby. 

We ship healthy, well rooted, 4′ pots ready to be planted as the soil warms up.  We’ll ship in March. 


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