Sand Cord Grass


One for a big pot or several for repetition in a border, cordgrass adds evergreen grace.  It thrives in hot dry places and is a lovely foil for bold crinum lilies. Cordgrass is salt tolerant, wind tolerant and flooding tolerant! 

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Bradley is tidy and works well in containers or perennials gardens. Modern pink color and flowers that stand above the leaves make it favorite.  We have giant-size (about softball size bulbs).  Later in the summer, we'll have smaller sizes.


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Waist-high, apple green leaves arch and bend gracefully, making a lovely large container plant.  Or in the ground, use cordgrass in a hot sunny border. It looks great with Crinum, with super-tall daylilies, and for colorful contrast, plant with purple heart underneath. 

Cordgrass thrives with little water but adapts readily to irrigated landscapes. It needs full sun. 

Though it is evergreen (in zone 8) we cut it back to 6 inches every other winter or so. I love the fresh green needle-like leaves emerging in spring especially when seen with dark greens.   The cut leaves make handsome mulch too (see photo).

Spartina bakeri

We ship well-rooted, ready to go in the ground plants per order.  See photo. (note that two of these fit well in our box, so you save on shipping. )




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