‘Star Spangled’ Rain Lily


‘Star Spangled’ shines soft pink and flowers all through the summer. Its handsome tiny foliage stands out too — just 5-8 inches long and deep green, the leaves come up thick grass.  Those leaves look great all summer and all winter too.

Use this between stepping stones or as a border. Tuck some at the bottom of a gate post.  Or just keep them in a cool clay pot to show off on the steps or even on a picnic table.  Sun to part shade. 

Of the thousands of kinds of rain lilies out there in the world, many are sort of weak growers. Only a few, the tried and true, the strong and flowery ones, make it into every garden that I design. ‘Star-Spangled’ is tops.

We ship 5-inch pots full of rooted-in bulbs ready to flower. 

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Mix some white rain lilies in!

White Rain Lily

Plant them by the hundreds!  Evergreen, needle-like leaves grow into a tight mat, keeping out most weeds.  White cup-shaped flowers, about the size of a shot glass, emerge all summer -- usually after rain.  

Zephyranthes candida has been in the US for centuries. Sometimes you see it naturalized along roadsides in the weeds.  It's related to our native, Atamasco lily, which isn't nearly as tough and easily grown. 

Shade to sun, this little bulb also tolerates flooding.  And like many plants in the amaryllis family, it's deer resistant.

We ship 25 large (well for them) bulbs per order. 

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