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Tongue Fern


An epiphytic fern that will climb a wall, tree, or spill over the sides of pots.  Tongue fern fills the driest spots with elegant, evergreen leaves.

Plant in the ground,  a container, or a hanging basket.  Perfect for the places the hose doesn’t reach!

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We have grown them all!  The variegated, the curly leaf, the split leaf too and we think the species is the BEST for general garden planting. (Pyrossia lingua)

If you need a plant for dry shade that is tough as nails, this is it. If you need to fill a container where nothing else thrives, here you go. Totally reliable, tongue fern is perfect for creative uses too.  It’s an amazing hanging plant.  It will grow on top of walls and branches and in nooks where there is no soil.

This is as tough and reliable as cast iron plant — that is saying something.

Tongue fern is actually an epiphyte.  I’ve been tree climbing in tropical cloud forests where it snakes along the massive branches with bromeliads and orchids.

It’s totally cold hardy, elegant and fun to grow and share!

Limited offer.  We ship a ready to plant fern, in a plastic planting bag, (shown in the pic to right)  for $22


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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 in


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