‘Winter Wisk’ Broom Fern


Evergreen and elegant, this running ‘fern’ looks great in the toughest spot in the garden. And it’s an incredibly useful filler for flower arrangements of all sizes. 

In dry shade under pecan trees (not dense, dark shade), it runs, filling in the space behind the hydrangeas.  Thread like leaves get taller than the shrubs.  

In 2014, we lives through the worst winter storm since 1973. Inches of ice brought down trees and power lines.  All of our plants of this species were creamed, totally brown when the ice finally melted.  Except one.  We named it Winter Wisk.

Cold hardy in the ground at least into zone 7, this drought tolerant perennial will take over a bed when its established. So plant in the background, away from a walk way. Or plant in a big container that you never get around to watering — it’ll look great even in the hottest of summer days!

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Texture!  Fine and feathered, this cold-hardy plant makes an awesome background for hydrangea.  Or it makes tough container plants.  This is our own selection that is more winter tolerant than other plants of the same species.  

Call Broom Ferns in their homeland, South Africa, the plant is actually closely related to asparagus!  

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