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Pass-along Garden Design Terms

Some of the jargon in the garden world is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  The totally unnecessary and degrading to plants, “Plant-material” comes to mind.  But I love learning old terms that perfectly express a skill or a need or tie gardening to other arts. I’m renovating a garden of a renowned landscape… Read More

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South Carolina Safari — Walterboro, SC

Here’s a great little road trip yall can join in on — it includes romance, food, car culture, farming, blackwater swamps and book stores.   Thursday evening, I’m doing a book reading (ok, sometimes it comes off as save-the-earth-preaching) at the Walterboro Farmer’s Market/Colleton County Museum.  (click for time/directions). For Columbia, Beaufort, Charleston, Savannah friends, make… Read More

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Stone Artistry as the Garden Floor

Nothing like watching a master of his artwork.  I get to orchestrate and feel the energy of carpenters, masons, metal smiths on projects all working toward a shared goal — garden making.   Watching can be mesmerizing.  Do you know the phrase, ‘the eroticism of competence’?  Those on a mission to make, to create have the… Read More

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Sugar Cane Mill. What Goes Around…

Before I went, I thought that working in Haiti might be depressing.  But it wasn’t.  I felt connected to my daddy– like I was living life off the land, the way he grew up– and that was amazing. The biggest day of connection involved an old style sugar cane press.  We stopped on a little… Read More

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Tom and I spent an amazing 24 hours with an old friend, John Fairey, outside of Houston.   John’s been there, gardening in the same place since the early 70s, but he says he’s still a South Carolinian. He named his garden after the fictional Beauregard Plantation in Auntie Mame  (or if he needs a sweeter… Read More

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How to Propagate Bamboo from Cuttings

How many things can you use bamboo for?  If you live on a farm, eat Chinese food, walk on alternative floors, wear eco-friendly fabrics, then you know the list never ends. I know a bunch of native-plant-nazis are going to call me out on it, but in my new book, I promote proper bamboo planting…. Read More

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