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Open Source vs. Proprietary Plants — Can People “Own” Plants?

Yes they can, they do and they want to own even more.   You can, but it’s complex and expensive.  So mostly the people who own plants are huge agricultural companies. They control the plant — you’ve heard about this with genetic modification no doubt, but it sure happens in the flower world too.  It used… Read More

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They’re Like Southerners but with Funny Accents

We’ve been on some pretty exciting trips this summer.  A flight to do a reading at the famed Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia included staying in a house that was recently featured in the New York Times. The road trip to lecture at the U.S. Botanical Garden ended with a tour of some extraordinary private gardens… Read More

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Slick Photographer’s Trick

You know how guys are always looking to enhance perceptions of size.  Gardeners, especially.  An old photographer’s trick is to get a child or a small person to stand by some big plants.  It makes them look bigger. That’s why I pal around with Buck– he’s a dwarf donkey, and he makes my crinum lilies… Read More

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Gardening as Art.

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for a subscription, paper only magazine last year.   The whole thing addressed in personal terms how gardening is art.   This is a more succinct side bar…. It Is Art I can only speak for me. Garden design is sometimes industry, sometimes hobby, sometimes art. I engage… Read More

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