Funky Little Flower Farm

Jenks's latest book, Deep-Rooted Wisdom, is a critically-acclaimed keepsake. Read more below and get yours today!

It's about life on a flower farm. It’s about gardening. It's about life. Written almanac style, Funky Little Flower Farm tells stories of life on an old-school farm firmly situated in a modern world. It includes over thirty color photos, a hundred pages, a plant index, and is our first self-published book, made with the help of an amazing team of creative people of all specialties.

One reader says,

" is a search for authenticity which our world of shallow truths could use more of. That's what resonates with me and your stories!"

There are two stories per month. The first takes us through daily life on the farm and Jenks’s thoughts as he gardens from day to day, moment to moment. There are plenty of gardening lessons in each work story. 

The second is called a sekki moment. Sekki is the ancient Japanese concept of telling time by natural occurrences. The essays in these sections feature one particular plant whose flowering or fruiting defines the month.  

As the stories and essays continue, a picture starts to emerge. One of transition, of change, of adaptability and growth. Not just for the plants, but of the farm itself. What results is a gardener’s blueprint for a balanced life. One that encompasses the feeling of being rooted in place, of feeling grounded.



Garden and Gun Deep Rooted Wisdom made their list of only three "must read", plant books for the summer!

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New York Times Here is a mention of the book in a gardening article which featured our farm and gardens in photographs..

Weekly Hubris Most gardening books seem to fall into one of two categories: pretty books filled with photographs of unattainable gardens, or how-to tutorials on a particular technique or style. Jenks has done something rather different here. Deep-Rooted Wisdom urges a different way of thinking about gardening.

LowCountry Weekly I love this one because it was one of the first reviews, and it's from one of my mentors, featured in Deep Rooted Wisdom in the chapter on design, from Beaufort, SC. This journalist interviewed me while I was distracted in an ICU waiting room at University Hospital. She captured my hopes for the book.

Free Times This interviewer has been such a great supporter of gardening for decades in Columbia.

The Nature of Things This is a blog about birding. It's cool to recognize the connections between all things living.

Jasper The arts magazine that recognizes that garden-making is an art. There are so many people in the modern-art world who no longer understand this.

Publishers Weekly This is one of the few links on the Amazon review list.

 It's Not Work It's Gardening! Here's one from great plant and garden blogger from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Want to learn more? Explore the images below for a sneak-peek at what topics Deep-Rooted Wisdom explores: