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Lessons from Grass Puppets & Youngsters

The stories we’ll tell….and a brief history of Indonesian shadow puppet theater called Wayang Kulit. . Geoff and I lead a troop of young adventurers down the sand road. We are family friends, unrelated adults, “fun uncles” hoping to inspire wonder in the three young siblings who trail behind. Not so long ago, we all sat… Read More

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Virus Prevention on a Lily Farm. It’s a Community Thing.

Imagine endless rows of fields of corn on a modern farm.  Now let the rows turn into endless pink flowers.  Sounds pretty right?  On our little farm, which specializes in one type of lily, we could grow that way.  But like the small farms that sustained and built this country, here, diversity is key.  Diversity… Read More

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Ghost in the Crinum Field —- A Massive Bulb Stimulates Weird Thoughts While the Garden Crew Works

I see things nobody else does.  Snapshots, little fictional scenarios flash through my head.  Does that happen to you?   Today when we were digging the biggest of big bulbs, Crinum ‘Fiesta’, it happened.  Leaning on shovels next to me, two nice fella’s who I thought would never have a black thought like the one I pushed… Read More

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Axis Point A Story of Garden Design from Concept to Installation by Sam Thorp Engler

It all started with a new house and an empty yard. A clean slate if you will. A canvas that would soon prove to introduce a dream garden that ultimately ties this lonely brick home into a fluent mixture of architecture and landscape.  A mid century-modern masterpiece. I have had the pleasure of working on… Read More

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25 Years Ago Riverbanks Botanical Garden Opened — I Was Mad in the Photo!

Which mean 27 years ago, I left my adopted home of Seattle to move back to Columbia, South Carolina.  It was culture shock to be sure!  Columbia was still pretty much a small town with a lot of Bible Belt ways.  An amazing group of people established a vision, political support to establish a new… Read More

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Stone Cold

I sat down at the bar at Hunter Gather alone.  People talk there. One time, I was telling some  guy a story. He stopped me mid story and said, “You’re that guy who gets up at 4:30 makes gardens all day, then eats lentils and goes to bed.” How do you respond to that? I… Read More

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