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Crinum 'Asian Bell' with Saltbush, asters and mums

Fall Pictures From Beech Island

Gardening is thinking ahead a few minutes, a few months or a few generations.  There’s something about this little spot of red dirt, perched on the wooded hills above the river, with Augusta, Georgia, making noise and light in the distance, that helps people find peace and think in generations. Click here to see a… Read More

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Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 7.14.52 AM

Making Art with Garden Trash

My grandfather painted.  My father made furniture.  I make gardens.  Three generations of artists, and we have a lot in common.  Including waste. The waste of artists always has fascinated me: uniform ends of wood, those squeezed tubes of oil paint, discarded drawings, even sawdust. The waste from gardens enthralls me. It’s fuzzy.  The distinction… Read More

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Planting a Perennial Border for Hospice Cut Flowers

Linda has a cool story.  She’s cared for her parents, worked a lot and ready to retire.  But not ready to slow down.  So she bought a little farm house at the edge of booming suburbs and is planning a cut flower operation– specifically to give cut flowers to local hospice centers. She’s into nutrition,… Read More

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Io moth caterpillar on Crinum Pink Flamingo

Flowers That Look Best at Night. Yep, There’s a Word for That….

At night, our lily fields buzz with moths.  The crinum lilies invite them. Around dusk, the flowers inflate.  And they release fragrances.  They are perfect cocktail party plants; crinum lilies in their shape, colors and this nocturnal awakening are called sphingophilous flowers. That’s a great word isn’t it? Happy and kind of silly, intimidating at… Read More

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Where Do You Grow Crinum?

Let’s build a Crinum map together!   Send pictures of your crinum lilies.  In the email subject line please type your city and state.   (Send your town even if you don’t have pictures). We’ll mark your town and post the picture to our map of Crinum Lovers!  (Don’t worry, we won’t post your name or address… Read More

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One of my freaky Crinum bulbispermum selections.

Plant Evaluation — Selecting New Crinum Varieties

I’m a tough critic when it comes to plants.  Since I’ve been growing crinum from when I was a pre-teen, I’m particularly tough on those bulbs.  Nothing floppy, nothing wimpy, nothing that doesn’t make a great all around garden plant. Yes, I have my personal collection of quirky crinum, but that’s about love and memory… Read More

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Salvaging Spectacular Sabal Palms

Performance Anxiety   You’d think gardening might be a stress free job. But right now, I feel dread like a hole below my chest that you could put a 3-gallon nursery pot through. This upcoming job has no little 3-gallon pots though. We’re moving two, 50+year old, 30 feet tall, spectacular Sabal palms. And it’s going… Read More

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Favorite Plants of the Moment

From the ridiculous to the sublime, this is a list of plants I’m working with at the moment;  we’ll have these and other almost=impossible-to-find plants our next farm field day!  Of course the findings will include the very rare and new to us Crinum ‘Pink Perfume’ from Texas and Crinum ‘Canoelands’ from Australia. Jack Bean… Read More

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Artisans, Craftsmen and the Foundations of Garden Design

Sometimes I felt as if I was torn between being a scientist and an artist.  So I compromised and became a horticulturist. —  from the design chapter, Finding The Spirit, of Deep Rooted Wisdom, …. I’m too dirty to make gardeny-decorator things that look neat on Pinterest.  I’d ruin the carpet in the process of… Read More

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