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Crinum x moorei ‘Canoelands’

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Extremely rare in the US, this Australian hybrid opens wide and takes a good bit of shade. ‘Canoelands’ also makes a great mass once it’s grown.


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Growing Conditions: Just fine in full sun, but it can take a good bit of shade!  We grow it under the edge of a pecan tree where it only gets about 3 hours of sun per day.

Flowers: This crinum has lightly fragrant flowers. They open wide and hold out their faces beautifully, and their color is a very soft pink.

Flowering Season: It begins flowering in early to mid June (Zone 8).

Leaves: One of the prettiest crinum leaves — always clean and tidy and low but bold!  This plant makes elegantly curved, low mounds. Leaves tend to mound lower on the plant, which helps the flowers to be easily seen.

How To Plant: To make a mass, plant three bulbs 18 inches apart. This cultivar multiplies well.  Plant 10 inches deep!

Where To Plant: This is the best crinum for a clump in a partly shaded garden.  It’s very cold hardy!

Our Bulbs: We ship flowering-sized bulbs. Be aware that these are slightly smaller than some of our bigger crinums.

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