Crinum bulbispermum album Walterboro White Wedding Strain


This pure white form has been passed along Carolina garden for centuries. We selected this one from a churchyard in Walterboro, South Carolina.  This is a seed strain so individual plants vary; all are pure white petals but the keel and the flower center color varies from green to white to pale rose.  i

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Gardening with Crinum Lilies III

Our 80 page book helps you pick the best crinum lily for your site! Beautiful photos, original writing based on decades of evaluating tens of thousands of crinums in all sorts of situations.  A beautiful book and chock full of information found no where else!

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Growing Conditions: Regular to wet soil and full sun to light shade.

Flowers: Pure white with tiny green eye at the center.

Flowering Season: It always blooms in mid spring. (April in Zone 8)

Leaves: It has blue-green, re-curving leaves. It’s very sculptural and looks great for nine months. Growing to a height of 30 inches, this plant is a sprawler, so place away from walkways.

How To Plant: Plant to a depth of 10 to 12 inches.

Where To Plant: Great in meadow-style planting, or even in ditches and places that occasionally flood. In a garden, place toward the middle or back of a border.  Or at the base of shrubs. 

Our Bulbs: We ship tennis-ball sized bulbs; they are flowering size (but note that not all flower in the first year of planting).   

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