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Crinum ‘Carroll Abbott’ Milk & Wine


This is milk and wine! Deep burgundy stripes always gets attention during our June field days.

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Deep burgundy stripes.  This is variety is dramatic and always gets attention during our June field days. And it always reminds me of my friend and mentor Marcelle Sheppard who made the selection.

Growing Conditions: Cold hardy, we have selections of this sent from friends in Oklahoma and from high places in West Virginia.  This is a a plant for cool places as well as hot.

Flowers: Slightly dropping flowers with bold colors.  In the evening,  they pop open revealing the inner stripes.   Flowers on stalks to 3. 5 feet tall. I love to pick these in the morning for a little fragrance and a long last bouquet.

Leaves: Apple green but with a waxy coating. Leaves make a mound that some might consider unruly.

How To Plant:  Plant 10-16 inches deep.  Make sure it’s not sitting in water or a wet root zone.  Multiplies quickly. Think of this as you would a shrub — plant it where it’s going to be for the next ten years.

Where To Plant: I say it’s sculptural — it’s dramatic enough to plant right out in the middle of the yard, all by itself.

Our Bulbs: We ship large, ready to flower bulbs. But as with all living plants, be aware they may not flower the first year!

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Dimensions 15 x 4 x 3 in

Video on Crinum x herbertii Evaluations


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