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Crinum ‘Marisco’

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The elegant, curved petals show a thin, red stripe and offer a nice fragrance. ‘Marisco’ normally begins to bloom after wet weather, from June until late October.

“This is the prettiest crinum in my garden!” says crinum guru Marcelle Sheppard.

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Growing Conditions: It thrives in full sun with lots of water.

Flower: These elegant, curved petals show a thin, red stripe, and they also offer a nice fragrance. It never has masses of flowers, but it always fits beautifully into a vase.

Flowering Season: Flowering begins after storms or heavy rains from June until October.

Leaves: This is a little plant that spreads easily. It has lots of small, narrow leaves that only get about 24 inches, and it makes a clump that is less than two feet in width.

How To Plant: The bulbs are small, so this is a shallow growing crinum lily. Plant it about six inches in the ground.

Where To Plant: Plant ‘Marisco’ where it can get lots of water. It’s a great ditch plant or pond-side plant.

Our Bulbs: As this is a small bulb, we dig and ship a mature, golf-ball-sized bulb and surrounding pups.

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