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Ditch Lilies for Creating a Mass


Small bulbs sold by the pound!  You get enough bulbs to plant a 5′ x 8′ space.

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Basically, we’ll offer these pink and white flowering bulbs by the pound.
We’ll pack our regular box full of all different sizes and types and that weighs about 3 pounds or 18-20 bulbs.
Crinum are perfect for swails, retention, and run-off plantings in areas that occasionally flood. Many crinum are bog, riverside, and swamp plants.  Their massive root systems hold dirt and their leaves slow down moving water.   In dry times, they simply hunker down and wait.  We’ve done a recent planting in a residential area where pavement and slope funnel water toward a house — the lily leaves look tidy all the time and when water rushed over them, they slow it, they capture debris, while the roots hold soil in place.  For larger orders, please inquire about pricing.
We’ve also done a highway planting of a similar nature mixing crinum with needle palms for a lush look.
These bulbs are average 2 inches around and one to two years from flowering under good growing conditions.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 in

1 review for Ditch Lilies for Creating a Mass

  1. Brian C (verified owner)

    Extremely generous offering! I was just hoping to fill in some gaps along a fence row, similar to the picture. By nightfall, I didn’t have a full sun bed in my front or back yard without at least 1-2 small bulbs. Thanks Jenks and Tom!

    • Jenks Farmer

      Well thanks Brian! They’re pretty easy to plant too aren’t they?

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