Cold-Hardy Crinum Collection


We’ve shared plants with botanical gardens and plant collectors all over the country. From those reports, we have put together this collection of amazingly hardy lilies. It’s based on records and letters from excellent gardeners in Denver, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Bowling Green in Ohio.

This is a curated collection of three distinctive crinum lilies suitable for gardens in Zone 6B. Order and plant in the spring or very early summer.



  1.  Milk-and-Wine Lily is the offspring of Orange River Lily. We think the name says it all.
    1. It flowers in June and July.
    2. It’s tough and hardy even into the upper Midwest.
    3. Click here for more information about this plant.
  2. Orange River Lily is the most cold-hardy of our crinum species.
    1. It flowers in April and May.
    2. It has sculptural curving gray leaves.
    3. Click here for more information about this plant.
  3. Pink Flamingo has flowers that are held high above the leaves.
    1. It flowers in June and July
    2. Its foliage is compact but tall with strong flowering scapes.
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You’ll also receive a copy of Gardening with Crinum Lilies our booklet of essays and photos.

Crinum herbertii

Milk-and-Wine Lily

Orange River Lily in Meadow, April 23

Orange River Lily in Meadow

Pink Flamingo flowered before Mother's Day in 2014

Pink Flamingo

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