Lacy Carrot Fern


Onychium japonicum ‘Szechuan Lace’

Thread like fronds reach 15 inches tall, making a mist of ground cover. Perfect for high shade areas, carrot fern has long been a favorite pass along plant in Coastal areas.  It’s easy. It runs. It looks like the house plant, rabbit fern, but it’s cold hardy. 

Plant explorer Hans Hanson found a different looking version in China. This newer selection sports lacier leaves.  It runs too! Plant somewhere you can contain it. It makes a beautiful, tough container plant too. Try it in a hanging basket. Unlike some ferns, drought doesn’t phase it. 

In Zone 8, carrot fern stays evergreen most years. But a winter cold (or winter mowing) shows off all the fresh fronds and lace for spring and summer.  

We ship half gallon plants bare-rooted and ready to plant. Due to the delicate nature of the foliate, they may arrive a bit  but no fear, spring brings sturdy new leaves.   (See photo of actual shipping size).

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