Eye Catcher Garden Amaryllis (2 per order)


More compact than Christmas amaryllis, these ‘Eye Catchers’ thrive outside in Zone 8. This is a new type of amaryllis that has been developed for garden growing in many different climates. Of course it makes a great container plant too.  We ship 3 dry, baseball-sized bulbs per order.

Amaryllis love to be hot and crowded. Find a place by the driveway or house that bakes in the afternoon soon and doesn’t get too wet. See the photos for an example of a perfect planting spot!

Amaryllis prefer a pH level higher than most Southern soils, so add a handful of lime when planting. If you are planting in a pot, mix 2/3 potting soil to 1/3 sand. Don’t use heavy, peat-based potting soil like the ones that come in those miracle green and yellow bags. 

These have flowered for two years in our garden, planted between boxwood and concrete curb. they flower in late April. 




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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in


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