Milk-and-Wine (Crinum x herbertii)


This particular tougher-than-usual plant is one of the most cold-hardy crinums. This is the plant people talk about when they say, “No crinum ever died!” This one has beautiful stripes also.

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Growing Conditions: As an incredibly cold-hardy crinum, we have selections of this plant sent from friends in Oklahoma and from high places in West Virginia. This is a a plant for cool places as well as hot.

Flowers: Slightly drooping flowers with bold colors. Slender buds slowly inflate all day. About 4 p.m., they pop open revealing their inner stripes.   Theses flowers are on stalks that grow upwards of 42 inches. I love to pick these in the morning for a little fragrance and a long-lasting bouquet.

Flowering Season: It blooms in May and June in Zone 8. Blooming will start later in colder zones and will begin earlier in warmer zones.

Leaves: They are apple-green, with a waxy coating. Note that these leaves make a mound that some might consider unruly.

How To Plant: Plant to a depth of 10 to 16 inches. Make sure this lily is not sitting in water or a wet-root zone.

Where To Plant: This lily has a sculptural form. It’s dramatic enough to plant right out in the middle of the yard, all by itself.

Our Bulbs: We ship a large, ready-to-flower bulb. But – as with all living plants – be aware that they may not flower the first year.

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