Crinum ‘Walter Flory’


Smells like Hawaiian Tropic and coconuts. The flower is elegant and flared. The plant grows to have clean leaves and big round bulbs below the ground.

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Growing Conditions: Optimum conditions range from full sun to light shade in hot climates.

Flowers: As a flower that tends to flare outward, this is a great cut flower. Flowers bloom on stalks with average heights of three feet. I love to pick these in the evening, as their coconut fragrance gets more intense at night.

Flowering Season: Flowers start to bloom in May and June (Zone 8). Blooming begins later if it’s in a colder zone. However, it will start to flower earlier in warmer zones

Leaves: The leaf color is apple green and shiny. The leaves make a relatively tidy, low mound.

How To Plant:  Plant to a depth of six to nine inches. Make sure it’s not sitting in water or a wet-root zone. Think of this as you would a shrub — plant it where it’s going to be for the next ten years.

Where To Plant: This one is excellent for mixing into perennial borders. We especially like this pale-pink flower with pale daylilies or in front of a purple chaste tree.   It will tolerate a few hours of shade every day.

Our Bulbs: We ship one tennis ball size, ready-to-flower bulb. As with all living plants, be aware that they may not flower the first year.

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