Fall Flowering Red Hot Poker


Brilliant orange and gold tropical flowers in November and December!  Waist high spikes of flowers amazing with Camellias for Thanksgiving.  

We’ve worked with various species for over 20 years, testing and evaluating.  In most winters, this one is stunning.  In our garden, even in an exposed, sunny area, it flowers well.  But remember even places slightly cooler than Columbia or Augusta it may need a protected spot so flowers don’t get burned by cold snaps. 

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Kniphofia saramentosa  ‘Valdosta Strain’ 

Evergreen clumps of apple green leaves to 3 feet tall. 

Stunning flowers in November and December.  In some winters, we even have flowers into January. 

Plant in full sun or under the light shade of pine trees.  But try to find a protected spot.  Early winter frost can burn flowers.  

We ship one gallon fully rooted plants with an over all height including pot of 18 “.



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