Funky Little Flower Farm


It’s about life on a flower farm. It’s about life.  In each month, each chapter, Jenks tells stories of life on this old-school farm, firmly situated in a modern world.

One reader says, “it is a search for authenticity which our world of shallow truths could use more of. That’s what resonates with me and your stories!”

Written almanac style, there are 2 stories per month.  The first is about work happening on the farm that month — and the crazy things that run through Jenks’ mind while gardening. There are gardening lessons in each work story.  The second is called a sekki moment — these essays feature one plant whose flowering or fruiting defines the month. Sekki is an ancient Japanese concept of telling time by natural occurrences.  Overarching themes include the transition of an old-style farm to a thoroughly modern business, setting priorities for a balanced life, and feeling rooted to a place but having a bit of a vagabond’s heart.

Funky Little Flower Farm includes over 30 color photos, 100 pages, a plant index and is our first self-published book, made with the help of an amazing team of creative people of all specialties.

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2 reviews for Funky Little Flower Farm

  1. Betsy Kaemmerlen

    Sure did love this book – all the heart felt events and wonderful descriptions of life on the farm. Great local color and characters!!!

  2. mark wessel (verified owner)

    Connect is the second word of the introduction but could’ve been the first. Jenks connects us with people, a culture, a way to live, gardening techniques and best of all a connection to the soil and the life it brings when treated with respectful and caring practices. It is funky and full of flowers but its also full of family, being rooted, seasonality and lessons on compassion. Jenks peaceful nature, keen insight and thoughtful writing combine to create an excellent and enjoyable read.

    • Jenks Farmer

      Thanks Mark!

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