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Garden & Dog Road Trip

Thousands of pictures wait to be edited: high end malls with extravagant palm plantings, blue water swim days at the dog beach, vine laden tropical gardens, and brilliant displays of plants at the Tropical Plants and Landscape Show.

Friends and gag pics.  Dog profiles and gardens. A 1,700 mile road trip to south Florida with three men who love snapping with their phones and big cameras means lots of photographs to edit.

Of the entire trip, nothing equals the majestic expanse of the Everglades. All my garden love is based on plants in the wild.  So stumbling across Crinum americanum in flower this week was a treat.

(You have to click each pic once to open it, then again to see it big. Pain; IDK why that is.)

No, I didn’t throw caution to the wind.  I didn’t get my shoes wet–because I took them off and went in barefoot.  I didn’t get eaten by a python or studded with ticks.   I got cool pictures of string lily in flower, in the wild in January.

We’ll post more pictures later.


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