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Georgia PPA Slides & Plant List

Classic Perennial Gardens

1. Columbia

Eryngium pandanifolium – evergreen, soft yucca like

Scilla peruviana – cobalt blue flowers, spring bulb

Yucca rostrata & orange Crocosmia

Verbascum ‘Southern Charm’  Spring white, pastel spires.

Crinum ‘Peachblow’

Styrax japonicus  Small tree, tons of white or pink bells in spring.

Cordyline australis  (Cabbage Tree)

Nicotiana mutabilis

2.North Augusta

Salvia ‘Newe Yaar’ sold as Jenks Farmer Sage

Hesperaloe & Juniperus ‘Mother Lode’


Cycas taitungensis

Country Gardens

1. In the PeeDee of SC

Crinum bulbisperum and Crinum ‘Mo’ Pon’ on pond edge

2. Beech Island, SC Near Augusta, GA

Crinum ‘Rose Parade’

Naturalistic Gardens

1. Augusta, GA

Eragrostis elliotii

Cycas taitungensis

2. Isle of Palms, SC

Phylla nodula Frogfruit lawn substitute

Chloris petraea  Finger Grass 

Helianthus radula

3. Columbia, SC

Equisetum hymale ‘Sheldon Shorties’ from Naturescapes Beaufort

Zephyranthes candida





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