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Heart on the Farm

Since my book came out in April, I’ve been from Philadelphia to Jacksonville talking about it.   I’ll continue this winter west to Saint Louis and New Orleans.

But for a few weeks during the most beautiful part of South Carolina’s year, I get to do presentations and readings to my home state friends.  And enjoy times like this, feeling welcomed home, settled in and with a big list of stuff to do on this little farm.

Jenks & Buck pic by Tom Hall

Jenks & Buck pic by Tom Hall

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    Bob Fuller October 20, 2014 at 7:25 pm #

    You and Buck look mighty comfortable. I suggest handing him a carrott.
    I love the book, and so do the gardeners in my senior housing building.
    In fact, they’re hoping you’ll come back some day to evaluate their progress.
    Enjoy your Fall travels and travails.

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